To me this was a movie about a Virgin journey almost foiled by a Hag, (in this case an older man).  A Hag is in the last stage of their individuation where she is meant to learn to release her power to others (ie. let the young man have the girl) and see the beauty of the insignificance of their ego in the larger picture.  The Hag refuses to grow and instead entangles herself (in this case himself) in the lives of others to avoid having to feel old.  Other great Hag movies include The Graduate and Notes on a Scandal.

Jenny plays the quintessential Virgin pursuing her dream of going to Oxford and immersing herself in the world of great writers with the hope that she will become one of them.  Her parents want her to go to Oxford so she will cross the path of rich bachelors and secure a financial future.  When a suave older man comes around offering her an exciting material world she becomes a tragedy.  An anti-Virgin, where she works towards what is bad for her while her teacher tries to steer her back on her journey.