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Once I learned of how Joseph Campbell and Chris Vogler had outlined twelve consistent beats that occur in Hero stories, I decided to find the persistant beats in Virgin films.  Here’s what I came up with:

1. Dependent Worldimages[1]

2. Price of Conformity

3. Opportunity to Shine

4. Dresses the Part

5. Secret World

6. No Longer Fits Her World

7. Caught Shining

8. Gives Up What Kept Her Stuck

9. Kingdom in Chaos

10. Wanders in the Wilderness

11. Chooses Her Light

12. The Rescue

13. The Kingdom Is Brighter

The Virgin begins her story in a Dependent World. She carries her kingdom’s hopes for their continuation, which are contrary to her dream for herself. At first she is afraid to go against her community and realize her own dream. But then she has a small Opportunity to follow her dream in secret. She acknowledges her dream by Dressing the Part, if only temporarily. Enlivened by this first experience, the Virgin goes back and forth, juggling the two worlds, enhancing her dream in the Secret World, while appeasing her Dependent World. Eventually she No Longer Fits Her World and she gets Caught Shining. In this crisis the Virgin has a moment of clarity and Gives Up What Has Been Keeping Her Stuck. The Kingdom Goes into Chaos. Now, she Wanders in the Wilderness trying to decide whether she will make herself small again to make people happy or choose to live her dream. She Chooses Her Light! She loses her protection and it is grim, but the kingdom Re-orders itself to accommodate the blossoming Virgin, and changes for the better. The Kingdom is Brighter.