After establishing the dependent relationship the Virgin has with her environment, we see the cost to her.  The Price of Conformity is often one of 4 things: 1) she is sleeping through her life, 2) she is agreeing to live within restrictive boundaries, 3) she is living a life of servitude or 4) she is facing psychological danger.

1) sleeping through life

This is the Sleeping Beauty syndrome.  The Virgin is so distraqcted with other people’s plans or values that she isn’t even aware of the inner voice in her longing to come to life.  Ennis in Brokeback Mountain is so scared of the world he barely opens his mouth.  His focus is food and shelter and conforming to society.  Finding joy is not on the radar.  In Clueless, Cher is just absorbing the values of her culture.  She has no clue what her real potential is.

2) Agreeing to Live Within Restrictive Boundaries

The Virgin knows what she wants but believes she doesn’t have the talent or the ability to go against the wishes of others.  In An Education, Jenny wants to bust out and have some fun but conforms to her parent’s restrictions until she is charmed by an older man and her story is launched.  This is where the father ccomplex is expressed.  The values of the father creates the boundaries of her life.  In some cases she will be traded in an arranged marriage (The Other Boleyn Girl) or she may hold herself back (Strictly Ballroom).3) Living a Life of Servitude

Classic Cinderellas occur every day.  It is the girl who believes she can earn love and happiness by serving others without thought for herself.  She may even be afraid of her dream and hides from it in servitude as in The Sound of Music. Cinderellas are not always passive as in Ever After, Danielle just has a misguided belief that is holding her back namely that her stepmother will some day love her for all she does for her.

4) Facing Psychological dangers

When the Virgin does not address her need to claim her personal autonomy by going after her dream she is susceptable to low self esteem, depression and even suicide.  This is really well portrayed in The Virgin Suicides.  New Waterford Girl is another great example of how the Virgin will pay a price for not following her dream.