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The Virgin is the princess story and the Princess is beautiful.  It’s almost a law.

Why is that?

Jungian analyst Ronald Schrenk (Soul of Beauty) believes beauty is a reflection of the soul.  A beautiful garden or a blazing sunset is an expression of the soul of nature and we as humans connect with nature by perceiving its beauty.  I like this idea, especially when you transfer it to people.  True beauty is when your outward appearance matches your soul.  Everyone has the potential to be beautiful at any age.

Ugly happens when your appearance is out of sync with your soul.  I always think  of Cruella Deville who has many outward appearances of cultural dictates of beauty but it doesn’t match her black heart making her freakin’  scary.  Michelle Pffeifer plays this role of appearing tired and unattractive because her soul is not beautiful in Hairspray and the White Witch is scary and unappealing in The Chronicles of Narcia: The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe despite her good looks.

Beauty is the aesthetic.  The coming to life of the senses.  Beauty makes people feel awake and alive.  This explains why humans are so drawn to beauty.  Lucy has this effect on her mother’s friends when she comes to Italy in Stealing Beauty.

Anesthetic is the opposite.  It makes you fall asleep.  Like Sleeping Beauty.  When the Virgin is unaware of her inner being, and fails to bring it to her life, she is dull looking.  Sleepiong.  This aspect of beauty, where it is waking up, is seen in many movies like The Princess Diaries. Characters like  Fran go from mousey, hiding behind huge glasses, to strikingly beautiful in Strictly Ballroom.