THANK YOU EVERYONE!  We made the #1 screenwriting book on both and on April 1.  Virgin’s Promise was in the top 10 for all books sold at  All in all it was a great beginning to this journey for me.  I had so many well wishers I feel really grateful for the support.

My book comes out on April Fool’s Day.  At first I was concerned this was a bad sign.

But now I think it is an easy day to remember.  And the archetypal fool is a wonderful Crone character that messes with people’s lives and brings them to their truth or true purpose.  That’s not bad at all.

And if you think of my book on this day of fools and would like to own it, please push on the picture of my book and it will take you directly to  I’m trying to see how many people I can get to buy on opening day.

Thank you for your support!