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This the moment of alchemy when the Virgin takes the dream inside her and brings it to a tangible form in the world.  She may do this by:

a) participating in a fashion show;

b) becoming beautiful;

c) receiving an object, or

d) undressing.

a) Up to this point in the film the Virgin has not been revealing her true potential.  She may not even be aware of her personal expression.  When she participates in a fashion show she is trying on several looks and finding the right look for her true self.  She may also be showing she has many looks rather than the limited world she finds herself in.

b) this is the ugly duckling scenario.  When the Virgin becomes beautiful she sheds the notion that she has low potential and steps into her natural self.  Here she actually dresses the part as in Pretty Woman where Vivian steps into the clothes of a business woman and valued woman.

c) receiving an object is another form of dressing the part.  Billy Elliot puts on the ballet slippers, Jas puts on the soccer uniform (Bend It Like Beckham)…

d) in Brokeback Mountain, the true self is revealed by taking of his clothes.  In this step he explores his true nature and begins his Virgin Journey.