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I’ve come to realize that many fairy tales are classic variations of the Virgin’s journey.  Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood and now Snow White all demonstrate different ways that the Virgin interacts with her dependent world.

Snow White has a step-mother who is so self focused that she becomes enraged when Snow White’s beauty surpasses hers.  How dare Snow White shine her natural beauty!  The queen retaliates by trying to kill her and feed her a poison apple.

The same thing happens in Legally Blond, Rocky and Precious, movies you may not have instantly equated.  In all, the Virgin is given ideas and self perceptions that are poisonous to her, from the people who are supposed to love her.

Precious is brutally put down and diminished by a mother who is jealous her husband wants her daughter instead of her.  Rather than taking a stand against her husband to protect her daughter she thinks only of herself and turns her hatred onto Precious (plays the role of the Hag archetype)!

SO Precious and Snow White have a lot in common.  Precious even wears a little red hairband like Snow White does.  I wonder if someone consciously made the connection and put that symbol in.

In Rocky, Rocky Balboa is told by his community that he is a bum and doesn’t have what it takes to be a serious fighter.  He has to fight against this poisonous message in order to fulfill his potential.

Now let’s look at how it is the same in Legally Blond.  Elle is a beautiful, intelligent girl who is told by her parents that she is only a vacant pretty face, whose highest ideal is to marry rich.  She is poisoned by the belief, given to her by her parents, that she is a dumb blond.  The worst thing she could do was be “serious”.

This is a good time to note that none of these Virgins are inexperienced sexually.  They are Virgins because they have yet to come into their unique potential; their promise. They are on the journey to become a person unto herself or himself, through the recognition of their intrinsic value – like a virgin forest.