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In one of my talks a student suggested that technology is making us feel like aliens in our communities.  A protagonist that goes against his community to regain his humanity would be a Virgin.  I learned the best things from students!

Since it was a vfs student, I think District 9 is a great example to this kind of Virgin.  Although District 9 has many elements of a Hero story, as Wikus and the Prawn-With-the-Red-Vest battle to save the Prawns, there is also Wikus’ story of waking up to what is wrong with his community and causing chaos as he struggles to be authentic with himself. So, in the beginning, Wikus is conforming to the values of his culture and he’s a dweeb (Price of Conformity).  He’s trying to perform up to the expectations of his job and his father-in-law/boss (Dependent World).  When he is contaminated with Prawn juice he starts to transform into a Prawn (Dresses the Part) and becomes aware of their integrity and intelligence (Opportunity to Shine).  Wikus quickly realizes he can only hide in District 9 with the Prawns as he gradually transforms and moves back and forth between the world of the Prawns (Secret World) and his Dependent World (buying weapons and phone calls with his wife).

From here the movie takes on a Hero’s journey as they battle to get to the spaceship and go home to gain the power to free all the Prawns on Earth.  Clearly we are gearing up for a sequel.  There has yet to be a final battle where the Prawns are safely returned to their planet.  I hope the sequel also includes an ending to the Virgin story.  Wikus needs to align himself with the best in humanity (his black friend is a representation of this) and lobby against the mentality that degrades Prawns.  In so doing his wife aligns with him as a man (Re-order/Rescue) and Earth changes its policies towards Prawns (Kingdom is Brighter).  Combine this type of structure with the genius of the creators of District 9 (Neill Blomkamp, Peter Robert Gerber, Simon Hansom and Terri Tatchell) and you would have a great sequel.