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My goodness it feels strange to be back in front of my computer.  I can’t even think of a good movie I saw.  Is it just me or was this an uninspired summer, movie-wise?

But I did enjoy renting tv series.

Glee is a Virgin story every week.  Yahoo!  One aha moment after the other.  The characters begin as misfits (Price of Conformity) in the world they depend on – Highschool, until they have an Opportunity to Shine by joining the Glee Club.  They create a Secret World for themselves and have a great time Dressing the Part for various numbers.  They move back and forth between their happy times together growing in their sense  of their selves and trying to survive highschool (classic Secret world behaviour). They journey to Regionals but the real journey is to grow in their individual values.  That’s why winning isn’t always necessary for it to be a good story.

Kurt No Longer fits His World and has a sexual awakening, Finn sings a Virgin themed song It’s My Life and Confessions that is really moving.

Glee is a great example of the power of the Virgin’s Journey even when it is not a compete journey.  The beats are engaging individually and in clusters.  You can change the order around too.  The effect will still be a powerful connection with our emotions.