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What was the point of the Pray part?  “Learn to forgive yourself” came across strongly but how was that related to Liz getting over the need to conform to other people’s dreams?  I think the point of Pray is that once she found her way to herself through joy (Eat), Liz had to really look inside and know herself.  She came to realize that she No Longer Fit in the world she created as a pleaser.

Through this part of the journey, Liz needed to see that her gift was with people.  Liz brought hope to the young woman she washed floors with and the Texan.  Knowing this and embracing it is the step of the journey that needed to be accomplished in India and I didn’t feel this was achieved.

For example, when an elephant approaches Liz it is sweet but it doesn’t seem to pull the story forward.  It could have if Liz was Wandering in the Wilderness, wondering how what she was doing was any different from self-indulgent wallowing.  If someone had connected the elephant approaching Liz with recognition of  her gift for being authentic and showing the way to everyone, it would have been more powerful.  Like the elephant, Liz lifts people’s souls.

This was Liz’s growth in her Secret World.  Pray was for forgiving herself for the years of suppressing her true self, yes, but it was also for exploring and knowing her gift.  We never really understood this.  She just moved on…