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What if the Virgin looks inside herself and she finds a black soul or a twisted mind?  This is what happens in Natural Born Killers, Carrie and Double Indemnity.

In Double Indemnity, you could say Neff was a Victim of the Femme Fatale but then, Victim is the shadow side of the Virgin.  He quickly admits that he murdered the husband because he wanted to see how smart he was.  He wanted to take his daydreaming and bring it to life by being the guy who beat the insurance company because he was smarter than them.  This was his dream and he got the Opportunity to Shine when he met Mrs. Diedrich.  Maybe he also had a need to impress her like his mommy (which ironically is a father complex).

Neff created a Secret World and grew stronger in his ability to carry it out.  And afterwards, he had more and more trouble fitting in his Dependent World for fear of being discovered.

Sometimes the Virgin knows herself as a person the larger society doesn`t embrace.  The conclusion could be their personal satifaction at finding a new place for herself and coming into her power as an individual, or we witness the destruction of the Virgin for the good of others.  Not every Virgin is nice.