I know I’m not the target audience here but I LOVED this story.  The part where Rapunzel finally leaves the tower and goes back and forth between elation and despair is hilarious and a fabulous example of going back and forth emotionally in beat 5, The Secret World.

If you are trying to get a handle on the beats of the Virgin story, Tangled is a really good movie to analyze.  They are all there in clear and entertaining form.

The more you identify the beats in movies the more easily they will come to your fingertips as you write your own story.  Tracking the beats in movies tickles your unconscious and makes the archetypes more available. 

Pay special attention to the fake-mother.  She is a textbook Hag, using her magic to interfere with the lives of others for her benefit.  She is the shadow side of the Crone who messes in people’s lives to shake them up and make them get on with their growth.  The Hag finds it impossible to see the beauty in her aging.  This Hag is really creepy in her dialogue!