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The dancing and singing was an absolute visual delight!  Unfortunately there was very little character growth.  Small town waitress wants to be in show business and discovers Burlesque.  It’s exciting- the family she never had.  And she gets it! In the first 20 mins or so.   Nothing was holding her back except having a stage.  She needed some kind of psychological block in order to be engaging.

There were two subplots that were warm and charming but really, I just loved hearing Cher sing.   OK and Christina.   The whole movie was like an enjoyable MuchMusic video.  It didn’t feel long but you had to tell me when it was over becasue I was still waiting for the story to get started.

The best part for me was the way female sexuality was treated.  There is never a sense that the girls are whores for dancing in a provocative style.  They are celebrated and enjoyed for their feminine sensuality.  My daughters and I wanted to rush out and start wearing make-up and good underwear!

This is essentially a Virgin story in that we see a person realize their dream.  She already knew she could do it so it wasn’t much of a journey.  The only beat here is Dress the Part.  But she does it well and often.