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Right from the beginning of this movie, Becky knows she wants to be a producer and has all the skills it takes to do it.  She just needs a home for her talents;  a place where she can regenerate and be appreciated.  In other words, although this movie starts out with a Virgin intro (ie. Mom doesn’t believe in me), this is not a Virgin’s Journey.

Becky is on a mother goddess journey to have a relationship with another.  The interesting thing is, the transforming relationship is with her co-anchor, Mike, not her love interest.  Becky is offering her talent to a group of people as their executive producer and needs Mike, to receive what she has to give and offer her something back, even if it means a part of his ego has to die.  All this happens which I think makes this a good movie.

The love story is flat but Adam Bennett is great eye candy.  Best of all, the antics of the weatherman had me laughing so hard my daughter was shushing me.  A movie that can make you laugh beyond the boundaries of politeness is definitely worth watching.  Morning Glory also left me with an afterglow of encouragement to adopt Becky’s can-do attitude in the face of unsupportive people.  That’s good too.