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Normally I watch a movie a couple of times to really see the beats.  The first time I just enjoy it.  I will not be able to watch this one a second time.  If you like creepy it is REALLY good.  Me, I’m a coward.

Here’s what I got from the first watching.

The Dependent World is really well developed.  Nina is attached to her Mom who was a promising ballet dancer that got pregnant.  Now the Mom is living through Nina and in particular blocking her sexual awakening.  No coincidence Nina is a sexual Virgin.  So this is the story of Nina’s journey to sexual awakening against her mother’s wishes.  It is in the same category as The Virgin Suicides.

Since this is such a new movie I won’t go through all the beats but they are there for anyone who has seen it. I’ll do a few more to get you going.  The Price of Conformity is isolation, which is always a step towards insanity, and the requirement to be “Mama’s sweet little girl”.  Nina’s unmet needs have her clawing at her skin and picking at her digits until they bleed.  Yikes!  Such a sharp contrast to the beauty she creates as a dancer.

The Opportunity to Shine is when she is selected to be a dancer that portrayed not only the White Swan but also the passionate Black Swan.  Nina is given the opportunity to unleash her sexual desire.  Dresses the Part is when she steals the objects of the previous dancer, Beth, wanting to wear her things to feel like the lead ballerina who is sexually active with the choreographer, Thomas.  The Secret world is created around her loss of touch with reality and hiding her scratches.  Back and forth she goes as she struggles to know herself and be herself.

I think this movie does a really great job of showing what that fall into a psychological disorder feels like.  And brace yourself.  It is a tragedy.