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First time I watched this movie I thought it was inane.  Poppy just laughs her way through everything.  But I didn’t get very far into it before I was called away.  When I watched it all, I found it to be profound.

There are two drives in the human condition, away from fear and towards joy.  We live in a world that is largely fear driven.  If you want to see what those two worlds look like side by side, watch this movie.  

Poppy faces life with a drive towards joy.  Even back pain, which interestingly, pain management researchers have found has profound ability to manage pain.  The driving instructor, Scott, faces life with a drive to manage and control fear and fear inducing situations.

Watch how Poppy is completely non-judgemental of others.  Her comfort zone with chaos is really high.  She seems to have an incredible trust that if she goes with the flow of things an answer will be revealed to her.  She doesn’t have to controlanything, Poppy simply follows life with curiosity.  And love.  Even when she is being abused physically and emotionally she only sends out caring energy.  Poppy is clear on her boundaries and doesn’t let negativity change her sense of herself – she’s not a Victim.  She also never seeks revenge or justification for wrongs done to her.

Happy Go Lucky is a fascinating study of what it would look like to be driven through life by joy.  I’m going to watch it again with the Director’s comments!