I’ve taken an interest in fairy tales and I’m going to write some blogs on what I’m learning about them.

The word fairy originally was a reference to enchantment.  It wasn’t a tiny humanoid form at all.  That made me wonder what the actual definition of enchantment is.  I googled it and found it is described as the art of changing hearts, minds and actions.  It is magic, such as the alchemy, that transports people to another time and space emotionally.  It is a feeling or place of wonder and delight.

Fairy tales were told around the kitchen table , and while washing by the creek for centuries.  They are peasant stories unlike the mythic stories of the gods.  They became popular in French parlors in the 1600’s when people like Perrault and the Grimms Bothers began to write them down.  Dasen translated Norse tales in the 1800 and Anderson made up new fairy tales such as The Ugly Duckling around this time.  Some say all fairy tales actually originated in India such as the Tales of the Arabian Nights.  Yet, some Egyptian tales of 2000 BCE have the qualities of a fairy tale.

Fairy Tales are stories of joy, being authentic and knowing personal freedom.  They provide a guide towards a happy ending.  Some versions of Fairy Tales have been adjusted to warn people that the way to happiness is to follow the rules of patriarchy.  I think this detracts from their original message.  I would recommend finding the oldest version of a tale in order to find it’s most interesting messages.