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According to my research (I love this line in The Magic Schoolbus!  It’s so Hermione Granger.) there is a book written by Laura Kready written in 1916 that explores the essence of Fairy Tales.   I loved this list of 11 features she says occur in fairy tales.  Here it is,  keep it in mind if you are trying to write your own fairy tale:

1. FTs (Fairy Tales) are filled with aspects of family or familiar life.  Not too much variety.

2. There is a surprise that stands out from the familiar such as a peculiar child in an ordinary environment.

3. FTs must include things that bring joy such as sex, songs, food, hugs, jewels, colors, flowers, dancing, beauty…

4. There is everyday magic such as talking animals, wishes and  imaginations that come true.

5. Material objects symbolizing love and beauty occur in the environment such as crafts that celebrate the beauty of nature, family heirlooms, hand crafted furniture.

6. Experiencing novel experiences that don’t come with all the baggage of normal life.  Curiosity invoking adventures rather than fear driven adventures.

7. Action for the joy of movement such as dancing, skipping, playing or the magnificence of a horse galloping.

8. Humour that celebrates the human spirit.

9. Na overall feeling of simplicity and sincerity.

10. Celebration of the small.

11. A strong unifying central message that appeals to emotions.