I’ve been thinking about this lately.  I’ve read the Comic Toolbox and I know laughing is a physical reaction caused by the release of tension.  We see someone go into a situation that is going to be so embarrassing (mini death) and it happens and we gafaw with the feeling better him than me or I can so see myself doing that.  We laugh.  This is the new hot comedy – the total geek wins the girl (Knocked Up) or the girl is the one farting and causing others to lose control of their bowels (Bridesmaids) (really funny scene driving around illegally in front of the cop, ).

I think this is masculine humour and there is a whole other world to be explored.

I think feminine humour is when you delight in being alive.  The pleasures in the simple quirkiness of life.  The way your heart sings when you see an act of love.  I’m thinking about scenes like Little Miss Sunshine when they jump on stage to not let Olive be alone.  I laughed because I was watching a father express unconditional love and I burst with joy.  The fact that it was embarrassing was there as well but it would have been contrived without the other element.  The same is true for About a Boy when Will jumps on stage to support the boy and sing a song.  It is so loving it makes you smile.  The Guard is full of quirky moments about life that make you smile.  They are not built on tension and release.  This is a film of drug smugglers in Ireland and one dealer/murderer is put off by the class of people they have to associate with.  It’s endearing.  They read high literature.  It’s quirky funny.  Delightfully unexpected.  Bend It Like Beckham has these funny moments when Jas talks to her elder’s portrait or imagines her mother and Aunties playing soccer.  The Year Dolly Parton was my Mother has these moments.

I suggest that this delight in everyday  things, laughter that comes from joy and love is a feminine style of humour that is worth exploring.