One of the central themes of our work (Kim and I) is that the archetypal energies matter. Knowing what archetypal well you’re trying to draw from, so to speak, makes a difference.  (Even) the Canadian Army gets that. Years ago the tv ad for attracting recruits was all about the Virgin archetype: find yourself, fulfil yourself, be all that you can be (  Army Ad).  The ad suggested that the road to self-fulfilment was to join the military. More recently the recruiters deployed the Hero archetype to draw in potential soldiers.  The pitch was no longer about self-fulfilment but about self-sacrifice for the greater good.  Being in the military was about fighting fear and chaos: it was about bringing control and stability back (Cdn Army Ad). Join the army and be a hero.

These ads are also simplistic but effective representations of the masculine and feminine archetypes. As Kim explains in another entry, regardless of gender, there is a feminine and masculine world we live in.  Both worlds are important dimensions of the human experience, and knowing when to summon the “appropriate” archetypal energy can greatly influence the quality of our lives.

The Canadian military obviously gets that point too.