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We live in a largely fear-conquering world and tend to filter out many of the values of the passion embracing world, trying to make everything fit into our fear-based system.  This is like looking at a horse and noting what it lacks as a car.  We could compare the cost of gasoline to the cost of feed, the relative maintenance costs, the distance you can travel before refueling, speed, room for luggage, passenger capacity.  On all accounts the horse would appear inferior. 

To do this is to negate the emotional response that occurs between rider and horse, the feeling of connection to nature and the shear joy producing magnificence of the animal in motion.  A lot is lost by viewing the world through a single lens.  Interestingly, advertisers often evoke the image of the horse to sell the idea that there is a connection between their car and a driver.  But the car is a machine, what they are talking about is driver skill.  The experience is completely transferable to any car with similar technical capacity.

When we balance our perspective to give value to both the fear and the passion based worlds we increase our options and perspectives considerably.  We can begin to understand the interactions between the two forces and call upon them at points of maximum advantage. Just making this one shift in attitude opens up a whole other world.

There are a few universal rules to keep in mind when exploring the two worlds.  First, both women and men have a capacity walk wlak in either world.  Second, you cannot exist in both worlds at the same time.  One is a push away from fear and the other is a pull towards love.  You can actually feel yourself oscillating from one to the other but you can’t feel them both at the same time.  You can experience joy and sorrow or bravery and determination at the same time because they belong to the same world.

It is actually useful to remember that you can’t feel love and fear at the same time .  When you don’t want to be driven by fear take a page out of Maria’s book and think about your favourite things.

I’ve been collecting ideas of what characterizes the two worlds.  Here is a chart that lists properties of the pasion and fear based worlds and suggestion, by their juxtaposition, that they are binary opposites of each other.

Passion                                                                         Fear

power to be all you are capable of        power to assert your will, control

creative, spiritual, sensual                     brave, strong, rugged

friends                                                    allies

play                                                       competition

now centered                                        past and future focused