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Nobody emerges from the womb and says “thanks, I can take it from here.”   We are all born perfect and also dependent on others.  We quickly learn how to behave to ensure that people stay attached to us.  But at some point we have to explore some important questions.  What is fundamental about being me?  What is the talent or gift that I want to bring to life?

This is the journey of the Virgin archetype.  It involves internalizing the belief that we are worthy of love and a place just for being ourselves, as in ‘a virgin forest’.  Only when we reveal our authentic nature, do we find this place of real belonging, which is a fundamental human need.  It is the awakening of the knowledge that you are of intrinsic value separate from what everyone else wants from you.  That’s pretty much it. It’s a big thing.

Often the word Virgin is used to suggest value in not having experienced life, or the patriarchal use of sexually inexperienced females to cement power relationships.  This only describes the dependent part of the journey before the Virgin awakens to her unique potential.

In the beginning we read the crowd and try to give them what they want.  The aim is to be nice, pleasing to the eye, helpful, naïve or perfect in order to fit in.  We care what other people think.

Ultimately we need to know there we can feel connected when we are being our natural selves.  This healthy sense of entitlement is crucial in our ability to lead creatively.  It is an essential part of being able to stand as an individual.  Also, when Leaders are authentic it makes space for others to be authentic.  This is the root of a workplace that is engaging, meaningful and satisfying.

A leader who is disconnected from their Virgin energy is excessively helpful, a slave to gossip and popularity, has difficulty giving a straight answer especially when it displeases others, and uses the power of feeling victimized to enlist the efforts of others. 

Effective leaders  know how to foster Virgin energy in other people aw well.  In my next blog I will explore how to create a workplace where people are rooted in their Virgin energy, have a meaningful connection to their work, are highly creative and feel a high degree of workplace satisfaction.