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There are rock bands in China which is a great example of the drive to be creative despite the odds.  Carsick Cars are playing to packed audiences in clubs in Beijing as are Hedgehog, Queen Sea Big Shark and PK 14.  The lead singer of Carsick Cars,Xioa Wang, says that when they started in 2005 “there was no possibility of success.”  This is common to creative people.  They are driven by a passion within them despite all logical reasons that show it has never been done before and should not be possible.

Things have changed, a bit.  They make CDs, but they get pirated, and pack small venues where they make money off t-shirt sales mostly.  The real point is they are getting there message out to an appreciative audience.  They are young people who want to make people think critically, in Communist China.

It began when waste CDs were sent to China for recycling.  They were nicked on the edge to make them unplayable but only the last track was destroyed.  People started listening to the punk and rock tunes and that was all the inspiration they needed for creative Chinese kids to start a rock industry.

Songs like I only Smoke Zhong Man Hai! have clever double meanings.  It is a cigarette brand and the name of the Communist Party compound in Beijing.  They walk a fine line with the Communist Party, make next to no money, yet feel compelled to keep shaking it up.  These are classic Virgin archetypes (ie. to know you are of intrinsic worth for being yourself).  People striving to bring themselves to life despite the wishes of their kingdom.  The drive of the individual to be authentic is the root of creativity.  Virgins do what they do because they feel compelled by an inner calling despite all chances of success.  They need to be fed by “gifts” of inspiration, often from unlikely places, such as the nicked CDs.

When Virgin archetypes turn their passion into something tangible, we need Lover Kings to use their discernment to recognize the value in a good idea and use their resources to protect them and provide for them.  Heroes need to be willing to sacrifice to see them have a place in the world.  This is how the archetypal world turns.