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I’m going to walk you through what goes through my head as I draw upon the archetypes to work through an issue.  This happened on a day trip I took myself on when I was staying near Tulum.

I notice a feeling in my gut.  Fear.  I recall the thoughts that have been running through my head.  I was thinking about the fee the cab driver charged me to go to Coba.  He demanded more money at the end of the day.  I’m pretty sure I was ripped off.  My brain is reliving this now for how stupid I was .  What archetype is active?

Coward.  I am feeling I didn’t do a very good job of protecting my resources.  I allowed myself to be bullied, I’m saying to myself.  My self talk is doubting my ability to make it in the world and encouraging me to take less chances, remember there is only so much money (scarcity mentality).  I feel remorseful for going to the temple.

But then I remember that the journey of the Hero often begins as a Coward (Refusal of the Call). There is always an ordeal where he escapes only with his life but from it learns that he can survive facing his mortality.  It may not have been pretty but I got myself from my hotel all the way to Coba, Mexico and back again and lived to tell the tale.  I am wiser for the experience and had an amazing time at the temple.

After surviving the ordeal the Hero solidifies what he learned with some kind of a reward.  I stopped by a drink stand and bought a tall cold fruit drink.  As I sipped, it sunk in.  I reached for something outside my normal grasp and I made it.   I saw Coba! And I made it safely home.  Many more magnificent places are open to me now because I have this proven ability.  I feel the fear lift from my gut.

I realize how very important it was to identify the feeling and push back against it.  Otherwise I was on a path to self sabotage
and allow my world to become smaller as I became the Coward.  The elixir I will return home with is the self-knowledge that in the face of fear I can give it my best shot and face the challenge.  Next time I will negotiate the return fare and not adjust my route unless I am prepared to pay more.

I wonder what it would look like if I were to switch to the passion based world.  I could be curious as to if I was not understanding him correctly given my very limited Spanish and playfully try to understand.  It could be caused by my complete lack of knowledge as to what would be a fair price.   He may just need the money more than I do and I might be interested in his story.

I decide what really matters to me.  I rode a bike like a free spirit through the ruins of Coba.  I hired a guide who gave me insights into the ancient spiritual practices and I touched the rocks that people with mystical knowledge touched over a thousand years ago.  The money was just a gift of inspiration that made seeing all this possible.