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In Balanced Leadership there is the concept of Archetypal Intelligence. It is the ability to read the underlying energy in a situation and respond appropriately.

It is graduation month all over the world and in my home. This a time that inspires great archetypal moments and I wanted to share a couple.  When I see the young people that are entering the work world next month I am struck by how important it is that those of us who have been around for a while have a call to action. We need to be leaders who are worthy of their roles of Lover King, Mother Goddess, Crone, and Mentor.  I am experiencing some amazing kids who deserve the best we have to offer.

My daughter went to her first bush party. Underage drinking, out in the woods, by a lake, with a huge bonfire, hormones raging – the possibilities for disaster were big. It was one of those tests of parenting. Can you let go?  Two of the class members took a stand against graduation ceremonies and the parties. They boycott Cap and Gown. But rather than boycott the bush  party, they took it upon themselves to go to the party and make sure people were safe. They would not drink, they declared. They made it known to all that they would stay at the party in case anyone needed them. They were there to keep their friends, and everyone, safe.  I could have hugged those boys, had it been culturally appropriate.

This is heroic energy and it makes me well up with emotion it is so beautiful. These young men plan to join the army when they graduate. It strikes me how important it is that we make ourselves worthy of the people who will be under our leadership. Talent and good intentions will be handed to us and we need to bring our best selves.

I hope the leaders these young men encounter in the army will recognize how incredibly valuable they are, train them well, and be very sure it is for the very best reasons when they put them into danger.  Lover Kings are leaders at all levels of the workforce, would take a bullet for their workers, go down with their ship, want to be the first man in and last man out.

Another graduation moment: my daughter was in an international soccer competition and a young man was their coach. At first they thought he was hot, and then he made them run – a lot, and do endless drills. He drove them hard to reach their potential. That makes him a good coach. Then he showed up at their graduation which I think makes him a great coach. He wanted to witness the girls receiving their diplomas. He sent the archetypal message that they are of value for being who they are, not just for goals scored on the field. This is the Mother Goddess archetype in action.  The art of receiving people so they feel seen and gain a healthy sense that they have a place in the world. This is great leadership.

I want to thank the people who have taken the time to be a leader for my daughter. Thank you for bringing your archetypal intelligence, whether or not it was done consciously.