Kim and I spent five days at Hollyhock last week teaching our Balanced Leadership course. We had a small group for our inaugural retreat on Cortes Island, but the magic of Hollyhock made it a memorable experience for everyone! The warm, welcoming staff, the forest and the ocean, the amazing meals, the organic garden, the beautiful, rustic lodge, the oyster barbecue and of course the glorious sunshine we’ve been blessed with recently:  Hollyhock provides the ideal setting for learning, reflection and restoration.

Kim and I feel that we gained as much from our participants’ insights as we shared. We all learned as we worked through the four pillars of our course and added richer language and meaning to our archetypal framework.  We also laughed a lot, ate together and supported one another along our path towards a deeper understanding of leadership and the underlying forces that shape our thoughts, feelings and actions. Hollyhock is truly a magical place to make that happen.