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Work is full of encouragement to get ahead, keep your head up and see danger coming, set a goal, plan for success and work hard.  All good things until you feel exhausted, anxious and just plain stressed.  At this point you’re pretty clear on the direction but kind of lost as to the meaning of it all.

If you’ve stopped feeling like this: 

and feel a lot  more like this:

     you are out of balance.

Good news is something as simple and available as feeling your breath go in and out of your body can completely shift your world.

Noticing your breath, being in that moment, can cause a shift from the fear-based world to the love-based world, which gives you an opportunity to rejuvenate and find a sense of meaning again.  This phenomenon is rooted in the human understanding that you cannot exist in both worlds at the same time – this is a fundamental understanding of Balanced Leadership.  So, when you shift your awareness from the future (fear-based world) to the present (love-based world) you can shift from anxiety to calm.

Try it for a moment.  Refocus on the feeling of the air going in your lungs, filling them up, nourishing your body fully, and flowing our of your nostrils, causing your body to relax and release.  In this moment nothing matters but the delicious feeling of air moving into your body and out of your body.  You realize that there is a moment to breath, that all your worries are in the future.  Right now you are fine.

Fear causes you to focus our attention on a goal, in the future.  The focus is ever narrowing toward the achievement of a specific outcome.  This focus can become so intense, when we are out of balance, that all it is doing is giving us a head-ache.  Shifting to the present moment, and your internal world through a moment of breathing, allows broad inclusive feelings about life and who you are to seep in.  In this moment a sense of meaning can take hold.

Now you might be able to see the value in being playful in the office, spending some time in nature, or just taking a break to do something you love.  I bet you couldn’t have done that in the state of stress.

This is a powerful aspect of being a leader.  You can read the balance of an atmosphere and know when it is time to shift people to the love based world.  Remind them they are of value, that they need to rejuvenate as well as work hard, and the meaning of the work as opposed to just the focus on a goal.

Take a moment to connect with the love based world and see the beauty in your work.

Rejuvenated?  Now armour up again and fight the good fight.