Your professional development is important to you. if you’re like most of us, you want the experience to be informative, validating and inspiring.  You want to return to your workplace ready to face whatever leadership challenges await you with fresh approaches to old dilemmas, a strengthened resolve and rejuvenated focus on what matters most.  There is a place that provides all that and more. A place so tranquil, where the ideas, the food, the natural surroundings and the company all conspire to create learning can transform your work and your life.  Welcome to Hollyhock!

You are invited to Balanced Leadership, a four day intensive learning retreat offered at Hollyhock, October 9-12th, by returning presenters, Kim Hudson and Dr Laurie Anderson.
Balanced Leadership honours the two drives that fuel the human condition: fear and love.  Kim and Laurie explore these drives in depth, how they profoundly influence our capacity to learn, and how understanding and applying the operating systems of these two drives can fundamentally transform your approach to leadership. You will learn how to be less reactive, how to better understand the people you work with, and how to create working conditions that generate growth and foster creativity and innovation.  As one of last year’s participants put it “Kim and Laurie’s course taught me how to stand back and assess what was happening from a new perspective.”
The extended time  at the retreat – plus the peaceful, serene setting – sets the stage for new understandings to take root.  The four pillars of Balanced Leadership: the two distinct worlds of fear and love we inhabit, their respective operating systems, the archetypal energies that shape our thoughts, feelings and actions, and learning how to balance all this to transform your leadership – all of this becomes clear as you learn in the relaxed, restorative environment at Hollyhock.
The schedule for this year’s program – October 9-12th – minimizes the disruption in your work week and gets you home again for most of the Thanksgiving weekend. 
Come join us for a memorable learning experience!  
Email: registration@hollyhock.ca | Fax: (250) 935-6424