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It is Christmas time and I have been very busy keeping the furnace running in -34 C weather and getting my list of jobs done.  I woke up this morning and realized we have not been to any xmas parties yet – 6 days to xmas!  I did a mental note of how many parties we will be going to between now and the big day and came up with three.   It made me stop and think.  Is the number of events we go to a measure of something?  I was unconsciously thinking that lots of invitations means that lots of people like us and that means we are part of a community. Which would make us happy.  Right?

Instantly I saw the folly in this logic.  Happiness cannot be measured, it is experienced.  No matter how many events I go to, the key to my sense of happiness is if I am in a mindset of the love-based world.  Love is focused on the moment, looks to make connections in order to experience feeling like joy, appreciation of beauty, and gratitude.  Happiness doesn’t come from a sense of growth or prosperity (as in we have many party invites, more than last year even!).  It comes from a grounding in the sense of enough.   What if there isn’t an elusive party out there where everyone is having fun?  13ef8159-5130-4e21-aa4a-c42877911c3cIn this moment, when I think of you reading this blog and sharing my thoughts, I genuinely feel a rush of gratitude.  It is a wonderful feeling to be received.  An ember of happiness grows in my heart because I stopped to take a moment to feel this feeling.

Conscious awareness of the nature of happiness is very empowering.  It is an important concept for our personal and career leadership.  There is an energy that is created from changing the dynamics from the fear-based world to the love-based world.  Bring beauty into the workplace.  Take a moment to tell people what they bring to the workplace that you feel grateful for.  Give a gift to someone to show them that they are valuable to you and the company.  It is not the present as much as what you hold in your heart when you give the present – the meaning that it represents – that is truly powerful.


We are here to get ahead (separate ourselves from scarcity and build wealth) and to know joy, love, and the freedom of being who we truly know ourselves to be.  Most of the time we focus on growth and production (the former).  Christmas is a time to shift the balance to the love-based world and find your joy.  When you think about it, this is the point of The Miracle on 34th Street, The Grinch Who Stole Christmas, and any Christmas show worth its salt.  Without a mental shift to the operating system of the love-based it is easy to feel empty at this time of year.  My holiday wish for you is that you shift worlds and with curiosity you explore what feels joyful, beautiful.  Let that be your guide in each moment.

Sending you all, lots of love.