About Kim

Kim Hudson is a consultant, author and workshop facilitator.  Kim received her Biology/ Geology degree from UBC.  She was then the first female graduate of the prestigious Queens University’s Applied Master in Mineral Exploration.   Kim has trained at the BC Justice Institute and Harvard Negotiation Project (Getting to Yes) in their foundational programs on conflict management. Kim then followed her interest in the drives of interpersonal relationships which led to an interest in the work of Carl Jung, Vancouver Film School, and course work in psychology, women’s studies and mythology at UBC .  

During her 10 years career as a geologist and prospector, Kim did extensive fieldwork in northern Ontario, the Northwest Territories, northern BC and the Yukon.  Kim then became a Federal Land Claims land negotiator in the Yukon.  Kim has also applied her geological expertise in working with First Nation governments as a policy developer in the area of mineral rights. She served as a Board Member on the Yukon Water Board and Chair of the Yukon Land Use Planning Council.  Kim’s combined professional and personal experiences provided the context for Kim’s first book, “The Virgin’s Promise: Writing Stories of Feminine Creativity, Spirituality and Sensuality,” wherein her ground-breaking framework for a feminine counterpart to the Hero archetype is outlined in detail.

Kim is currently writing two books, an exploration of archetypal drives in leadership environments and development of a new negotiation process for Mineral Companies and First Nations that incorporates the best of conventional linear thinking and traditional circular thinking. 

Kim presents on her work at international conferences and is currently co-facilitating courses and seminars with Dr. Laurie Anderson on “Balanced Leadership.” Kim and Laurie are scheduled to teach a four day  course at Hollyhock on Cortez Island this year.

Please feel free to email me at kimhdsn@gmail.com if you have any questions or comments on Balanced Leadership.


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