About Laurie

“I like to create learning conditions wherein participants feel safe, included, worthy, resourceful and inspired. In this context, dialogue to me is the glue that binds these conditions together. Dialogue also helps participants suspend disbelief long enough to transcend their positions and assumptions to consider other ways of knowing and being. I like to help participants “go to the balcony”, that is, build their capacity to stand back and look at their own and others’ views with a sense of compassion, hope and possibility. I also like to make people laugh: I have found it makes space for dialogue to flourish.”
Dr. Laurie Anderson is the Executive Director of Simon Fraser University, Vancouver. Laurie is also an Associate member of the Faculty of Education and a facilitator for SFU’s Public Square initiative. Laurie has been a elementary teacher, principal, District Principal, Director of Curriculum, Associate Superintendent and Interim Superintendent of Schools for the Vancouver Board of Education. Laurie has also been a consultant on education reform for the Ministry of Education, an Adjunct Professor in the School of Community and Regional Planning at UBC, a curriculum developer and instructor for Vancouver Community College, a mediation consultant for schools throughout BC, a facilitator of the VSB’s Leadership Development Program, and developer and instructor of the Instructor Training Program, a course taken by over 2,000 aspiring teachers of adults over the last 22 years. Laurie has presented at conferences in Canada and the US, taught leadership courses in Hong Kong, Bangkok and various cities in China, provided education reform consultation to educational authorities in Vietnam, Cambodia, China and Hong Kong, and facilitated planning and visioning sessions with various public and private sector organizations in Vancouver. Laurie obtained his BEd, MA and PhD at SFU, served as a Director on the Canadian Bureau of International Education for six years and completed the Certificate Program in Conflict Resolution at the Justice Institute.

Laurie’s current area of focus is “balanced leadership”, an approach that incorporates the power and potential of both the feminine and masculine
archetypes as they play out in the workplace. Laurie co-facilitates workshops in this area with Kim Hudson, consultant and author of “The Virgin’s Promise: Writing Stories of Feminine Creativity, Spirituality and Sensuality.”


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