“This course gave me a new and very helpful perspective on both my workplace and my personal life.  As an added bonus, Laurie and Kim gave us expert coaching on our individual workplace challenges. They  offer a unique mix of ideas and practical strategies. A year after taking the course, I feel less stress at work when I’m faced with difficult situations. Balanced Leadership taught me how to stand back and assess what is going on from a new perspective, and then choose how to deal with it, instead of being reactive.”
Connie Gibb: BCIT Student Services

“The Balanced Leadership workshop helped me to see another aspect of the role and function of leadership and how to apply this to my work relationships.  The facilitators were very open to  input and discussion about the concepts presented.   The whole workshop was a very positive experience for me.” 

Ken Paquette: Director Community Services, The Ghetto Friendship Society

“This workshop has something to offer anyone interested in the dynamics of power, be it the school yard, the workplace or the board room.  Through a thoughtfully crafted workshop, participants learn the power dynamics of the archetypes that enfold in the game of life.”  
Brenda Morrison Director of the Centre for Restorative Justice SFU
“I thought it would be good but it was way better than I expected.”
Vancouver Hollyhock Workshop Participant

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