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West Hastings Street Vancouver, March 14, 2014

Balanced Leadership

Every day we are called upon to push back against fear and embrace what we love. Each of these two drives requires a very different leadership style.  Join Kim and Laurie to explore how this understanding can tap into your natural ability to lead with a sense of meaning and direction.  This workshop will truly enrich and extend your personal and professional leadership capacity.

Participants will:

–       learn the fundamental tools for managing fear-based situations,

–       learn to create inspiring, creative, and engaging workplaces,

–       develop personal tools to rise to leadership challenges regardless of your position,

–       incorporate the power of story to develop relationships and inspire groups, and

–       learn to re-frame difficult conversations into creative solutions

Gabriola Island June 6, 7, 8, 2014

The Power of Balance: Personal empowerment through embracing love and conquering fear

The Haven Institute

Course Description:  There are two fundamental drives in the human condition, love and fear. Optimally, we pull love towards us and push back against fear, to live life fully.  Both drives also have a shadow side where we pull in what is detrimental to us and allow fear to push us around or we push too hard.  The key is to consciously recognize if you want to operate in the love based world or the fear based world at any given time.

Understanding these two central forces and how and when to draw upon them opens our lives to deeper meaning, more joy and enhanced relationships.

In this engaging program, participants can benefit from:

  • Conscious understanding the dynamics of fear and love;
  • Knowing how our thoughts, feelings and actions are shaped by deeply embedded archetypes;
  • Recognizing the fundamental connections we make during our lives, with ourselves, with others and with the cosmos;
  • Developing more options and greater resilience when engaged in conflict situations, and
  • Learning about their own use of fear and love and how it helps or hinders their personal transformation.

Balanced Leadership

Oct 9 – 12, 2013

Presented by: Laurie Anderson, Kim Hudson

  • Leadership
  • Professional Development
Successful leaders take advantage of two fundamental drives in the human condition: embracing passion and conquering fear.  Each drive requires a very different leadership style.  Explore these two worlds as they apply to your personal and professional aspirations, to gain more options, become less reactive, and acquire deeper leadership insights.
It’s not what happens, but how we make sense of what happens that impacts us.  The archetypal narratives of taking up our power, using our power well with others, and releasing our power for the greater good profoundly impact our leadership capacity.
Learn the four pillars of Balanced Leadership, and apply the model to your leadership interests through engaging discussion and creative activities. Discover:
  • New tools for workplace success using archetypal theory
  • Increased understanding of feminine and masculine styles of leadership
  • Fresh insights into people’s motivations
Expand your personal power as a leader, enhance effectiveness within the workplace, and gain a deeper understanding of group dynamics.
Designed for leaders in private and public organizations as well as individuals who would like to take up and use their power effectively in their personal lives.
Kim Hudson and Laurie Anderson have expanded Kim’s theory book The Virgin’s Promise – A New Archetypal Structure to the field of leadership. This new model draws upon Laurie’s 25 years of senior leadership experience in Canada and Asia, including his current role as Executive Director at SFU Vancouver, and Kim’s 28 years of experience in geology, land claims, story analysis, and First Nation consulting. archetypalleadership.me
“Your seminar has opened so many doors and ideas for me. It has totally turned my life upside down. Scary but good!” – K. McLeod
“Each day of the Balanced Leadership course I learned more and more – it was truly a transformative experience for me!” – Connie Gibbs
“I had high hopes coming into this course and got even more out of it!  – participant feedback sheet

TUITION: $445 CDN (meals & accommodation extra) / 3 nights


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